7 June 2010

Abstract Paintings

A bit of sun and everyone seems happier or is it me?...anyway by way of a change from painting small landscapes...to relax a little more I have been painting small abstract paintings over the last week...I love doing these..the sense of freedom and not knowing whats going to transpire make them exciting to paint especially when painted with music playing...some have white canvas or coloured ground showing through,some are grooved with knives etc and others with raised paint...these like my small landscapes are either painted on canvas board or masonite board...due to their lightness in weight I'm able to offer FREE worldwide shipping...any questions let me know...for more info check out http://www.itsromanticpaintings.co.uk/4.html

South East Open Studios

South East Open Studios annual event started on the 4th of June and runs until the 20th...this event covers artists and crafts over the south east of England in Kent and East Sussex...For more information visit http://www.seo-arts.org/