20 June 2010

After That Game.....For Bobby........

Well as I said in my last post I would pass comment after friday nights World Cup game..so as an ageing baby boomer(I'm as old as dirt) who was a mere 10 years old back in that glorious summer of 1966 I cant help wondering where all that pride and do or die spirit has gone with our national football team called England...I remember back then in 66 we drew against Uruguay in our opening game but in the next game showed the character and skills needed to progress...Going back to friday evening you like myself were probably sitting or watching somewhere with expectatation...Expectation disappeared in the first half and hope was all I had to cling onto for the second but deep down you like me knew the outcome as the full time whistle got ever closer...The post match reaction of the players and manager didnt bring much comfort or belief that we can beat Slovenia on wednesday...I hope Joe Cole plays but this manager Fabio Capello doesnt seem to read the game or make reactive decisions like Jose does...love him or hate him..So lets hope normal service will be resumed on wednesday afternoon and maybe all those involved in the England F.C. camp should watch the current Carling lager advert on TV a few times and find a sense of purpose...We shall see..For Bobby....Come On England...

Anyway heres a pic of a recent abstract painting Ive completed recently



14 June 2010

Poppers At A Party Abstract Painting

An additional abstract painting this time "Poppers At A Party " is a colourful abstract painting...self explanatory....So the football or soccer if you come from across the pond is well under way in South Africa..I shall reserve my opinions until after the next game...

7 June 2010

Abstract Paintings

A bit of sun and everyone seems happier or is it me?...anyway by way of a change from painting small landscapes...to relax a little more I have been painting small abstract paintings over the last week...I love doing these..the sense of freedom and not knowing whats going to transpire make them exciting to paint especially when painted with music playing...some have white canvas or coloured ground showing through,some are grooved with knives etc and others with raised paint...these like my small landscapes are either painted on canvas board or masonite board...due to their lightness in weight I'm able to offer FREE worldwide shipping...any questions let me know...for more info check out http://www.itsromanticpaintings.co.uk/4.html

South East Open Studios

South East Open Studios annual event started on the 4th of June and runs until the 20th...this event covers artists and crafts over the south east of England in Kent and East Sussex...For more information visit http://www.seo-arts.org/

1 June 2010

No Smir This Bank Holiday Weekend

Another bank holiday weekend finds me north of the border ...expecting less than perfect weather how wrong was I...Looking across the Firth Of Clyde to the Isle Of Arran and beyond past the Mull Of Kintyre...Ailsa Craig stood like you could reach out and touch it...instead of the usual haze it was a change to be able to see and define landmarks with certainty...Anyway heres a pic across the Firth Of Clyde To the Isle Of Arran with the northern half of the island with its distinctive mountain range and Holy Island just off the coast in Lamlash Bay.